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Spring In Hokkaido 2019 Gift Campaign have already finished at 15th July 2019.
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Spring In Hokkaido 2019 Gift Campaign

Enjoy Hokkaidos Spring 200%!
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Chief editor of Sapporo 100 miles Mika Osanai Presents
Spring Seasonal
Gourmet in Hokkaido

Web magazine "Sapporo 100 miles"'s chief editor Mika Osanai selected the best gourmet,
that you must eat in Hokkaido

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Best! Information of Hokkaido in Spring Scenary, Attaction, Event, Gourmet


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Hokkaido's mascot, Kyun-chan!

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From Mon April 22 to
23:59 of Mon July 15, 2019

Kyun-chan gift campaign on Instagram have finished.
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