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Chief editor of Sapporo 100 miles Mika Osanai Presents
Spring Seasonal
Gourmet in Hokkaido

Web magazine “Sapporo 100 miles”‘s chief editor Mika Osanai
selected the best gourmet, that you must eat in Hokkaido
Most Recommended Store to Eat

Chief editor

Mika Osanai

Born and grew up in Sapporo. From antecedent site of gourmet site ;”Hot pepper”, she started interviewing for 11 years. In April 2007 she became chief editor of “Sapporo 100 miles”. Chief editor’s blog “Mutter of Mika Osanai”, which writen about restaurant become popular among reader. At Sapporo Autumn Festival, held from 2008, she is in chrage of gourmet concierge. At 2009 she wrote a book “Sapporo Autumn festival Gourmet Merkmal Book”. Also she wrote a article on newspaper and magazine, apear on televison, raido. Nowaday she is still searching gourmet in Sapporo and Hokkaido.