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Recommend! Tour Example for The Best 20 Spot to Vistit in Hokkaido Spring

Suburbs to SapporoOne Day Trip For Spring

Bus tour Underwater Observatory ship New Shakotan & Shakotan Criff. Sea food, sea urchin, Nikka whisky and Otaru tour. from June 7th.

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  1. 08:10 depart

    Sapporo station

  2. 80 min.

    Nikka Whisky Yoichi Distillery

  3. 30 min.

    Underwater Observatory ship New Shakotan
    Option menu

  4. 20 min.

    Shimamui coast
    Raw sea urchin & sea food Pot-au-feu

  5. Eat Shakotan Sea Urchin

  6. Kamui Crif
    “Shakotan Blue”

  7. 90 min.

    Sightseeing in Otaru

  8. 45 min.

    Sapporo station

    Arrive at 18:00

Other tour to eat Shakotan sea urchin
[Depart from Sapporo, Otaru ]Rice boal with Sea Urchin and Get on Bottom Glassed Boat Join the tour from here

By Rent a CarDagerous Zoo, Moss Phlox & Strawberry PickingFrom early June

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  1. In Sapporo

  2. 45 min.

    Strawberry picking in Sapporo
    Minami ku, Toyotaki, Sapporo

  3. 5 min.

    North Safari Sapporo

  4. 30 min.

    Nakayma Pass

  5. 60 min.

    Moss phlox garden
    of Mishima

  6. 30 min.

    Wakimizu no Sato
    Makari Tofu Workshop

    Go through Nakayama Pass

  7. 120 min.

    In Sapporo

Bus TourPresent you Doremo LeTAO Ice Cream/ All-you-can-eat Strawberry/Cherry Blossom at Shizunai Nijyukken

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  1. 10:30 depart

    Sapporo station

  2. 60 min.

    [Launch] Chitose
    All-you-can-eat Carry rice & Strawberry

  3. 10 min.

    Doremo LeTAO
    Ice Cream Present

  4. Throughbred Road Niikappu

  5. 20 min.

    Shizunai Nijyukken
    Cherry Blossom Watching

  6. 80 min.

    Michi no Eki [Rest Shop]
    Mukwa Shiki no Yakata

  7. 120 min.

    Sapporo station

    Arrive at 19:50